Welcome to PacketHeaven!

This page just went online and is heavily under construction so don't expect any wonders here :)
In other words:

I'm totally aware that it looks like crap right now but I'll get that fixed one day
(whenever that day will come...)

What I will NOT do on this page:

I'll not link any kind of commercials whatsorever. Why? Well, I grew up with the Internet and it's ideas so I'd like to keep them: Share/Offer/Learn

Earning  money is a different part of my life and I won't mix it up.

There will also be NO COOKIES on that page. Personally, I hate *oogle, *aceBook, *pple, **croSoft, **itter or whatever. They started with nice ideas but now they are only MoneyMakers and I won't help them to make even more money (not even 1/100 Cent).

If you want to donate - feel free and I'm sure I'll be more than happy if somebody honors my work here not because of the money. Would be a nice feedback even if it's just 1Cent ;)

The main purpose of this "blog-like" page is to share my experience in network analysis and give some hints here and there to (hopefully) make analysts lifes a bit easier or just to understand a few things better. No worries: you don't have to be an experienced analyst - if you just want to get a slightly better insight into this topic you'll find some info here as well.

As a second topic I'll add a C# section with some code snippets which I partially developped myself or found somewhere on the web which helped me out in
developing my own "Tiny Little Network-Tools".

The third section will contain the "Tiny little Network-Tools" mentioned above.

As a starter I added a small tool I called "TraceMarker" which will help you to (as the name says) "mark" traces with some "special" packets to make it easier to spot certain situations in your traces. It's free, no license, no charges, no guarantee :)

That's all for the moment - check out TraceMarker :)